Freitag, 17. Mai 2013

My love. My heart. 'My' Horse.

Some say it's the freedom.
Some say it's the power.
Some say it's the triumph, the glory.
I say, it's the bond. The extraordinary relationship between horse, and rider.
A true friend to rely on.
Someone that sticks with us, through thick and thin.
Reunited with an inseparable connection , which cannot be defined.
It's incredible how horses, feed off of the energy, we provide.
Two bodies dwelling, in one soul.
It takes everything. 
Yet teaches valuable lessons.
It takes Courage.
It teaches us to love.
To trust.
To be strong.
And fight back the pain
And tears.
To treat challenges, as opportunities.
And that winning isn't everything.
It teaches to believe in yourself.
Not only is it a sport, it's a passion.

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